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BEWARE THE CUBE is a Puzzle/Die&retry game on PC. The player controls a magical cube driven by an unkown power which has the ability to change the gravity. The cube mysteriously finds himself into huge cubes composed of labyrinths and traps. He will have to overcome obstacle of each face to get off this dimension.

Escape the labyrinth by changing the gravity to climb on walls. But beware the cube(s), spikes, lasers and other traps on your way, any contact is fatal. Make your way out won't be easy so stay sharp and show your skill to beat the labyrinth.

  • A Single player in many dimensions
  • Control the gravity of your character
  • 3D labyrinth

Upcoming updates

  • New levels
  • New dimensions
  • Lock/Unlock door button System
  • New Traps
  • Menu Reworking
  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • Music and Effects Reworking
  • New FX
  • Feedback improvement
  • Amelioration of Signs and Feedbacks
  • Amelioration of the Controller
  • Amelioration of the Tutorial
  • Establishment of a Timer and Death Counterd
  • Desynchronization of the traps
  • Gameplay Trailer

We are StudioStudio, an independant creative collective of three Game Design students. Our goal is to improve our skills in game design and game development

Credits :

Special Thanks to Nicolas Fayet and a crazy programmer Laurent Victorino

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BewareTheCub_BETA_0.1.3.zip 63 MB


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In short, this is a mindfrag of a puzzle game that pushes the limits of the third dimension.

Graphics are good, sound can be repetitive, and I couldn't get the Xbox One controller working properly.

Yay for xbox360 support!

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Very atmospheric, although maybe a bit too low visibility for a puzzle game.

Don't mind me talking about the controls :) Just a reflex when facing the seam between different keyboard layout standards or getting controls that I consider counter-intuitive. But in the end I got used quick :)

Hello IwanPlays!

We are really happy you like this Beta!

Thank you for your feedback and your video, We work currently on the character controller and new content!
Update 0.1.2 release yesterday and the visibility is better!! ;)

A lot of upgrades and modifications will come in the next weeks.

We will share your video!

Studio Studio Team.

Hello, I completed your Beta and I was really pleased with the game, its the sort of game I like to add to my playlists, I would have liked a little more sound but it has a nice calm atmosphere to it, if this is not on the gamejolt website it should be. Gameplay link is below:

YouTube Fellowplayer

Hello Fellowplayer!

We are really happy you like the Beta!

Thank you very much for your feedback and your video, we will take into consideration what you've said.

A lot of upgrades and modifications will come in the next weeks.

We are currently putting the game on GameJolt, and will share your video!

Thank you very much again Fellowplayer!

Studio Studio Team.